Copter 3.6.5,my pixhawk blackcube HEXAcopter’s gone today

Frame: HEXA
fmuv2 002C0036 33355119 38393235
ChibiOS: d2030d88
ArduCopter V3.6.5 (d37125bd)

I can’t find my copter at the crash site,please help me analyze tlog,FailSafe start at 95% of tlog.
there’s file
key point: Gyro bad --> compass variance --> pos horiz variance --> flight mode switch to LAND,RCOUT PWM up to 1800+,and it drop fast,HUD shows its Horizontal drop,I don’t know if the data displayed at this time is accurate. it seems GPS glitch occured…
im still looking my copter…:sob:

Hi according to your log file the copter should be at following position:

thank you,I found it on someone else’s roof.:sleepy:But I still don’t know how this happened.maybe a bug,or sensors was fault?

If you can provide a dataflash log that would be good…

Have you seen the service bulletin for the cube black?

Make sure you use latest version of Mission Planner and Arducopter (3.6.8), they can help identify if your Cube may be affected by this bulletin.
It’s a terrible accident.I am recovering the bin log, and I will post it after I take it out.

Yes,I am sure that I bought the CUBE BLACK on January 16, 2019 from HEX,locate xiamen,fujian,China;
I used the 3.6.5 version for a few months, which was only a problem yesterday.

Oh, that was really a bad accident. Iˋm sorry for that.