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Copter 3.6.4 Oneshot125 not enabled

(mlebret) #1


With Arducopter 3.6.X, I had a try with Oneshot125. My card is a Navio2. No way to enable Oneshot125. PWM type is set at 2 in parameters, but PWM output (RCOU to motors) is still in the range 1000-2000.

Oneshot 125 is OK with the same hardware and Copter 3.5.7 or EmlidEdge and Copter 3.5.5

As there were some differences in MOT settings, I had a try with the default parameters and MOT_PWM_TYPE 2 with Copter 3.6.4 without success.

Could be a bug related to BLHeli passthrough or D-Shot options or some misunderstanding.


Copter-3.6.4 released!
(mlebret) #2

Same problem with 3.7.0-dev of January 06,


(Peter Hall) #3

the logging is always done in the 1000 - 2000 pwm range, this is whats used internally in Arducopter, it is then converted to whatever protocol afterwards.

(mlebret) #4


I have a log (the downloaded .bin file) open on my computer, RCOU is well in the 125-250 range (Oneshot125 enabled - Arducopter 3.5.7).


(Peter Hall) #5

hum, I have logs of dshot and it is still in the 1000 - 2000 range. and also possibly oneshot although i would have to check. So you issue is oneshot is not working? but used to be with the same parameters?

(mlebret) #6

The issue is Oneshot125 not working with Arducopter 3.6.x or 3.7beta.

Here are logs:

First is from latest with 3.6.4!AlTaMbgj9DGH1Ami1HYWdcJz6z9C

Second is from yesterday with 3.5.7!AlTaMbgj9DGH1BUyCXVIZwTyNQM6


(Peter Hall) #7

can you post the parameters you were using in 3.6.4, there are loads missing from the log, I think it must be too short

or a tlog

(mlebret) #8


There are the .log.param for the two log files. More recent is firmware 3.5.7

Marc (8.7 KB)

(Peter Hall) #9

hum, still seems to be missing all the SERVO_BLH_ params, maybe the are not in stable, can you try it on master, also try standard one shot.

(mlebret) #10

I will have a look at it tomorrow.


(mlebret) #11


Some results with 3.7.0 from Master and Mission Planner updated to latest Beta.

Oneshot or Oneshot125: nothing new (visible),
DShot150 (Min and Max are set to 1000-2000 by default). I applied the setting to check the function. I do not intend to fly it, the configuration is not all completed (just frame config).

RMK: SERVO_BLH parameters are relative to ChiBios,

Here is an archive with log and param file:!AlTaMbgj9DGH1CPufv2sByXPSKyQ


09-33-45 is Oneshot,
09-38-39 is Oneshot125
09-41-27 is DShot150

Thanks for your time,


(Peter Hall) #12

your right, I had not registered that you were not using ChibiOS. I have no idea whats going on, looks like all your parameters are sensible. Can you open a issue here.

In the mean time you should be able to use standard pwm I guess.


(mlebret) #13

I will do that,


(rmackay9) #14

@mlebret, great, thanks for the report, I’ve added it to the Copter-3.6 issues list so hopefully we can get it sorted in a point release.

(mlebret) #15

Like always,