Copter-3.6.2-rc3 available for beta testing

Copter-3.6.2-rc3 has been released for beta testing and should appear in the ground stations’s “beta firmware” links within the next hour or two. Changes compared with -rc2 are in the Release Notes and also copied below:

  1. Bug fixes:
    a) Benewake TFmini and TF02 driver reliability fix
    b) Spektrum RC parsing fix when more than 7 channels
  2. remove bootloader from px4-v2 builds (reduces firmware size)

The key thing is we found more issues with the Benewake driver when testing -rc2. Hopefully if all goes well in a few days we can replace 3.6.1 with this new version.

Thanks to those helping us with beta testing!


I like that Spektrum fix. The Solo is getting closer to being integrated by the day!

Thanks so much to everyone for their hard work.

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Having some issues connecting to the 3DR ground radio, replaced the ground radio with clone that changed usb `from 6 to com 5 and it connected. Esc’s clabrated and Spectrum radio working fine along with external led and usb.

I am getting a no i.o thread heartbeat message but i am connected.

hey @rmackay9 this is an off topic post but, do you know if anyone is working on making APM work with QGC via joystick / gamepad controller?
I was looking at it earlier today and I noticed that I can actually fly with a playstation 4 controller via QGC, but only if I first arm and enable the drone with my TX.

I am just curious, I tried switching over to PX4 for that feature specifically and it was just, a disaster… so I came back to APM


Re using QGC’s joystick/gamepad controller feature. So the main issue was that it wasn’t possible to arm and perhaps it was also not possible to set the flight mode from the controller?

My guess is the issue is that we are not doing anything with the Buttons field of the MANUAL_CONTROL message. If this is correct then we will probably need to figure out if QGC has a hardcoded set of features for each bottom or is there some other method to configure what the buttons do.

It’s probably a good idea to raise an enhancement request in the issues list for this.

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Alright fair enough, I raised an enhancement request for this