Copter-3.6.10-rc1 available for beta testing

Copter-3.6.10-rc1 has been released for beta testing and should be available from the various ground stations’s within the next couple of hours (if using MP then click the “Beta Firmwares” link on the “Install Firmware” screen).

This release has the following changes vs 3.6.9 (ReleaseNotes):

  1. EKF improvements:
    a) learns biases even for inactive IMUs
    b) EKF uses earth magnetic field model to reduce in-flight compass errors
    c) EKF switches to first healthy IMU when disarmed
    d) IMU fix for dropped samples during high CPU usage
    e) Optical flow fusion start fix when some gyros disabled
  2. Ublox F9 GPS support
  3. Integrated CPU Watch Dog for STM boards including logging of reset reason
  4. ChibiOS I/O firmware for ChibiOS builds to support Spektrum binding
  5. Auxiliary switch changes always logged
  6. CUAVv5 Nano LED fix
  7. Solo Gimbal fix when some gyros disabled

This an important release including a number of EKF improvements so any testing and feedback provided is greatly appreciated!


Good day, before test this new release i need know if the
Compass maximum acceptable offsets increased present in the version 3.6.9, is still used in this new release.

Hi David,

Yes, everything included in Copter-3.6.9 is included in 3.6.10-rc1 and the additions mentioned above.

Thanks, very nice update with features I was testing from master!

Can you please backport the Bosch IMU driver (BMI088) as well?
I tried to do it myself but found too many conflicts, but maybe after this update it’s simpler…

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That should come is as part of

@rmackay9 Is the inflight compass calibration supported in this release?


@Corrado_Steri, no I don’t think so. I think that will only arrive with Copter-3.7 which should start beta testing in about 6 weeks. The hold up for Copter-3.7 is completing the object avoidance fixes including adding support for stay-out zones.

We’ve got two more things that have cropped up that we want to include in 3.6.10 so I think we will release an -rc2 within a couple of days and this will apparently include this driver.


Thank you for the infos on 3.7
3.7 looks so big that maybe deserves a 4.0 numbering :slight_smile:

Edit: Solved
I deleted the old config file and arming is fine with the exception of the negative tone we hear when arming with radio only. recommend starting vanilla…

Hi all,
I am testing the Zero right now but have a issues with the esc’s making the arming tone when powering up. Normally the esc’s tone is reserved for when you hit the arming button. any idea how to change this?

overall this build seems to work well binding is working with Spektrum SRXL.

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Hi @Quadzilla,

Txs for the feedback especially re the Spektrum binding.

Re the ESCs making the arming tone when powering up, this means that the pwm output is going to the ESCs before the arming button is pressed. I would guess that maybe the safety switch is disabled? Perhaps check the BRD_SAFETY_ENABLE parameter.

I was using the developers build a few days ago and was messing around 2 much with the esc sensors. Yesterday I installed 3.610-rc1 but did not start a new config file. Decided best to go with a new default config now back to normal everything working. BTW I not getting this tone below. if i get a fail to arm.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Hi @Quadzilla, “the Zero” means the mRobotics Zero F7 flight controller of course?

Can you tell me what the changes are for the F9? I have one running on 3.6.9 and did not notice any issues.


There are two changes for the F9:

  • added support for TIME_GPS message to support getting the time from the GPS
  • fixed auto configuration

So we suspect your logs would have shown the incorrect date. It actually shouldn’t have passed arming checks unless it was setup to produce NMEA messages.

Thank you. I have not armed the project yet so I had not seen any issue. Great to know!

Yes Zero from the people at mRo!

Hi Randy, tested the new 3.6.10-rc1 and i don’t have found any issue during the flight.
In my opinion must be fix or adjust the parameter
min and max for the geofence specifically the height or add also the hold behavior to the drone where will reach the geofence limited sette by the user

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Hi @Dave84,

Thanks for the report. I don’t understand the issue re the geofence… can you clarify a bit more?