Copter-3.6.1 version, with the Tower app

Hi all

Has anyone tried the Copter-3.6.1 version, with the Tower app?

Today I tested the Copter-3.5.7

with the Tower app and it works very well the follow me

Version Tower-v4.0.1-beta.1


I am using Mission Maker for ArduPilot, since “Tower-v4.0.1-beta.1”, it did not work for me, at least follow me mode.

I must say that the follow me mode in Copter-3.6.1 and Mission Maker -v4.6, does not work as smoothly as in Copter-3.5.7 and Tower-v4.0.

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instead of tower app - find a ‘mission maker for ardupilot’ app. it should work.

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