Copter-3.4.4-rc1 available for beta testing

Copter-3.4.4-rc1 is available for beta testing through the Ground Stations.

Bug Fixes / Minor Enhancements:
a) prevent unwanted EKF core switching at startup
b) helicopter prevented from taking off in position hold mode before rotors at full speed
c) battery resistance calculations fixed
d) avoid unnecessary parameter change notifications to ground station
e) default power module definitions for Navio boards
f) on-board compass calibration capability bit added (tells ground stations that onboard calibration is supported)

Any testing people can perform over the next week or so would be greatly appreciated. If all goes well, we will make it the official version after that.



Great, this week to find time to start testing the performance of TradHelicopter flight!

Thk Randy !

when i cal the external compass of pixhawk2, the rotation direction must be set to ROTATION_YAW_180, it is different from hawk1. Is it normal?

Which GPS are you using?

3dr compass +gps module

I upgraded to 3.4.4-rc1 and i got crash… i dont understand why…

13.BIN (1.7 MB)

** I saw the log and appear mechanical failure, but i revised motor, props, esc, something could produce vibrations, and i dont see nothing bad…

Are you planning to release a beta soon for the 3DR Pixhawk Mini?

That’s strange. I am away this week, but will check it out.
When I’m back.

The code is the same for 1 and 2, so shouldn’t be an issue…

Pixhawk Mini will only be supported in 3.5 - which has beta testing planned to start in January.

I thought the PHMini was a rebadged PixFalcon?
So is it a different beast?

It has updated sensors and CAN, which Pixfalcon doesn’t.

Hi Randy,

I have problems using the helicopter code for a FBL-unit. Using a Futaba I need to get out the usual Futaba range 1094-1514-1934 via SBUS to feed the FBL-unit.
Settings are:
ACRO_TRAINER = 0 (this gives the FBL full control in ACRO mode)
H_SV1_POS = 90 (aileron)
H_SV2_POS = 0 (elevator)
H_SV3_POS = 180 (collective pitch)
Don’t know if this is the correct way to set it up, if it is, then it doesn’t work flawless.
H_SV4_MIN = 1094, H_SV4_TRIM = 1514, H_SV4_MAX = 1934 works perfect for the tail
H_SV3_MIN = 1000, H_SV3_TRIM = 1503, H_SV3_MAX = 2000, H_COL_MIN = 1094, H_COL_MAX = 1934 works for collective. The only mistake is 1503 instead of 1514, why ?

H_SV[1,2]_MIN = 1000, H_SV[1,2]_TRIM = 1514, H_SV[1,2]_MAX = 2000 _TRIM works, _MIN and _MAX do not limit the output, H_CYC_MAX = 4150 results in 1087 and 1917.
If I reverse a channel it is 1486 (= 1500 - 14) instead of 1514.
1087 - 1514 = -427 and 1917 - 1514 = 403 which is about 6% difference. It is not a big drama, but it shows something is wrong in the formulas (or my way of thinking).
Please check.

Thank You

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I encountered the same problem with you!

“H_SV[1,2]MIN = 1000, HSV[1,2]TRIM = 1514, HSV[1,2]MAX = 2000 _TRIM works, _MIN and _MAX do not limit the output”

Don’t hold your breath…
I was told Pixracers were working 100% with ArduCopter 11.5 months ago (by the manufacturer, not the Ardu development team), and it took about 6 months from then until I could fly and it still isn’t working 100%. (LED!!! might seem minor but it really helps when in the field w/out a ground station)
(No negativity towards the Ardu people. They’re busy with other coding tasks. Just saying, if you’re making a purchase decision you might want to wait until it is actually supported, rather than making an investment you might need to sit on for a year)

Other than that is working flawlessly since 3.4 rc2


I have been using my pixhawk 2.1 with the 3dr external GPS/compass and also have to set different orientations for the compasses. Right now I can only get rid of the errors by using only the external compass and EKF compass is always in the orange.

Just to make sure, you have set the correct AHRS_ORIENTATION parameter correctly, right?

first,you should let us know which compass you used,only external or both?
second, you must be sure you have the right compass orientation.You can check with your mobile phone’ compass.

Marcus, Re the heli swash plat question - I’ve asked Rob if he can answer. But for the min/max… the individual servo outputs are not limited by the channel’s min and max values. This is because there is an overall roll-max and pitch-max. If we limited by both then there could be a conflict in which the swash is not moving to the desired lean angle.