Convert DEBUG port to common multi-purpose serial


I’m lack of serial ports on my Pixracer, and I found that debug port is also a uart port.
So the question is how to use Pixracer’s DEBUG serial port as the usual port?

I suppose it may be not possible just by configuration. So I’m ready to make needed changes in firmware to change mapping. But I’m don’t know where should I start looking at.

Ok, so here the console is registered

So the console is dependent of CONSOLE_UART definition.

But I didn’t found where CONFIG_USARTx_SERIAL_CONSOLE is defined.
Where should I undefine it?

The same quction i meet.
Do you soved this quction ?
Can you help me to solve this quction?

No, unfortunately I haven’t a time to play with that without all the knowledge needed.
Also I wonder if it is simpler to do that with Chibios instead of nuttx.

Maybe someone else could advice where to look at to do that modification.

Just modify CONFIG_USARTx_SERIAL_CONSOLE=y (in PX4Firmware/nuttx-configs/px4fmu-v4/nsh/defconfig) .
so USARTx could be shell usart.
and del mavlink by UARTx_DEFAULT_DEVICE “/dev/null” (in ardupilot/libraries/AP_HAL_PX4/HAL_PX4_Class.cpp)