Controlling a drone with raspberry pi as reciever

Hello everyone,

For a school project i am building my own drone.
I use the mamba F405 MK2 flight controller with the F40 esc stack.
As we have a raspberry pi available in school, the teacher wants me to use it in the drone.
I want to use it so it works as a reciever, because for now i don’t have a transmitter and reciever.
How can i control the drone using the raspberry pi as a reciever? Can i use an app on a mobile phone as controller and send commands to the raspberry pi with bluetooth?
I also have a normal playstation controller available, i saw that this can be used as a drone controller but i would not know how to write this code in the raspberry pi so that this recieves the commands and sends this to the flight controller.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Joystick/Gamepad — Copter documentation


read all instructions you can use RPI(raspberry pi) is the receiver.