Control the UAV via zerotier using the Joystick

Hi, I am implementing a project of controlling UAV over the internet using Zerotier as an intermediary. I use a joystick to control from the ground station. However I found the link signal between UAV and GCS to be low. My network connections are stable. Are people having the same situation as me? If so please give me advice. I am using Arducopter 3.6 together with Navio2.
Thank you.

ZeroTier is an super useful tool to connect peers over internet easily (no fixed ip, no nat, port forward, etc).
Even using VPN concepts, it always try to link peers using p2p approach, which keeps low latency in most cases.
A few times p2p link is not possible (due to network restrictions) and the connection is like a original vpn (tunnel through theirs vpn servers - root servers), increasing latency.
Maybe it’s your case!

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Hi, I thought that the benefits Zerotier offers are more than a traditional VPN server so it is possible to control the UAV. Can my increasing network speed solve this problem? Do you have solution to control UAV via internet? If so please let me know, thank you very much.

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I’ve heard wireguard has better performance than zerotier. You can try it.

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