Contributions of the Month - Bill Geyer and Chris Olson

The ArduPilot Development Team endeavour to select a “best contribution of the month”. We are awarding the Contribution of the Month for October to two people.

Congratulations, and many thanks, to Chris Olson (@ChrisOlson) and Bill Geyer (@bnsgeyer) for their substantial contributions to Traditional Helicopter in ArduPilot, including flight test, code contribution, wiki updates and community support.

For those who haven’t seen their efforts, simply browsing will demonstrate the volume of support these two are providing Trad Heli users, and the contributions they have made.


I would like to thank the Dev Team for the recognition. It is quite a pleasure working on TradHeli. I think we have the best autopilot software that exists for Traditional Helicopters, and seeing an active TradHeli userbase flying them both commercially and for pleasure with the ArduPilot flight stack is quite rewarding!


In my book Chris Olson and Bill Geyer have done the " Best contribution of the year " for the Traditional Helicopter and support, full stop.
I thank you both.
Rob Lefebvre with his really fantastic developments over the years, up to his FW 3.3.3, ‘made’ me spending to much money for my hobby. My coalition partner( wife ) is not happy about that. But my retirement live is very ‘interesting’.
Thank you all.