Continue mission after land (bl heli)

I am facing issue on my advanced mission planning.
Planned mission is :
Takeoff >waypoint>landing > disarm using an Aux function > delay > arm using Aux function > takeoff > continue

The problem iam facing is drone not arming back after the disarm command using aux function , I’ve enabled required parameters for this mission which is continue after land ,allow arming in mission and takeoff in auto without Rising throttle.

When I am using normal esc everything works fine on entire mission ,but when I am using 4in1 esc after landing drone not getting getting take off .

Hardware: Pixhawk cube orange
Copter (quad)

i tried in simulator there it is working fine with normal parameters ,but when iam using 4in1 esc (bl heli)parameter same issue .

i will attach the parameter file here which iam facing trouble .

parameter :
f450 4in1 bhelheli stable(tunned) orangecube.param (17.4 KB)

Please upload a log of the flight

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Hey just now remembered that i deleted all the log file yesterday:( & uploaded wrong logs that i already downloaded on my pc ,can you check with parameters i have some doubts on BRD_ output there channel 9,10,11,12 was not selected (i didn’t changed ) using these channel for motors output ,i will conduct a re-flight and upload a log .

There is a full video on yt explaining how to do exactly what you are asking, including good explanation of all parameters and reasons for each… it was either randy or michael i think,

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I tried this ,even i changed my firmware twice nothing works :frowning: some one please check it my BRD parameters there was something wrong that’s why drone not getting take off again after landing,i guess the issue happening due to 4in1 esc .