Constant Beep from motor until safety button is pressed?


Just setting up my first plane using a Pixhawk and noticed that the motor constantly beeps until I press the safety button.

Is this indicating a problem or normal in Arduplane, I am more used to Arducopter and it does not do that.

If it’s not indicating a problem can it be turned off.

Thanks for any help with this


It depends on the ESC used. My copter that uses DJI ESC’s beeps the motors while the safety switch is not activated.

When the safety switch is flashing there is no signal output from the PixHawk to the ESC’s so some ESC’s warn the user by making the motors beep.


I will have to try another make of ESC. Sod’s law I have loads of multicopter ESC’s but only one plane ESC.

I wonder what it would be like with a BLHeli ESC in a plane ?


A standard design feature of a lot of ESC’s is to beep when it does not see a ppm signal.
This meant to warn you that the ESC cannot see the Rx or the Rx is switched off.
Even in the large T-Motor equipped Octo’s we get beeping of all 8 motors until the safety switch is pressed.

So it’s not a fault it’s a feature.

The motors on my two Tricopters and one quad don’t, but then again they all have the same make ESC, so I suspect that’s why I have not had the issue before.

I was starting to think it was something to do with having all the arming options turned off so all I have to do is press the safety button and its all ready to fly.

Thanks for all the help