Connection Lutan EFI ECU

Hello everyone! My name is Guillermo Arnold and it’s my first time that I’m posting something here.
I’m trying to connect my Cuav X7+ Pro with a Lutan EFI ECU in order to get the status of a DLE 30cc termic engine. I connected all the components as indicated at the manual (I’m attaching it) and I configured the flight controller following the ardupilot documentation (Electronic Fuel Injectors — Plane documentation)

In my case we set up the configuration on a Cuav X7+ Pro, with the following parameters:

  • EFI_TYPE = 3 (Lutan)
  • SERIAL6_PROTOCOL = 24 (Serial EFI))
  • SERIAL6_BAUD = 115 (115.2Kbaud)

I make the connection of the serial communication to the UART7 port. I double check to be connecting correctly the Tx and Rx between the ardupilot and the ECU.

Unfortunately I was not able to see any state from the EFI (like temperature, pressure, etc). Can anybody help me on it? I’m missing something?

Thank you very much for your time!


DLE30 EFI Owner’s Manual_compressed.pdf (497.7 KB)

Hello there! I resolved my problem using a RS232 to TTL connected between the autopilot and the ECU. Also I change to UART4 port. I hope that this could help to someone else :grinning: