Connection between Arduino and Mission Planner

Hello, I have some questions about something regarding a project i’m working on. The first question is there any method that can make Mission Planner to extract data from Arduino Uno? like the Arduino is taking radiation readings from RadiationD-1.1v sensor, can the Mission Planner be programmed to extract the reading taken by the Arduino and use it to set waypoints based on the readings (dynamic waypoints)?

another question, is a remote receiver necessary to set up Pixhawk 2.4.8 if a drone will be operated autonomously by the pixhawk autopilot?

Thanks a lot

One possible solution is to connect the Arduino to one of the Pixhawk’s telemetry ports (UART) and then the Pixhawk can forward the data to your ground station.

The Arduino would need to transmit the data in MAVLink format to the Pixhawk (there’s a tutorial here: MAVLink and Arduino: step by step).

No. You would need to build that functionality yourself.

A receiver is not necessary, but highly recommended - especially if a manual takeover is required.