Connecting to mission planner via USB problem


So on my copter i have APM 2.5 board and today i wanted to update the firmware but i cant. The problem is when i conect micro usb to the board itself and the usb to the PC, mission planner doenst recognize it in COM port. When i try to connect the board to the mission planner via the 3DR radio telemetry it all works on spot. I tried everything, upadtaing my usb drivers, reinstalling missio planner, downloading it from different browsers and even on diferent computers, same story.

Thanks for all the information and help!

Fly safe, Filip

Use a different usb cable, shorter if possible. In my experiences, it has been that the cable wires are either too small in diameter (gauge) to handle the apm draw or even that the usb port on the computer isn’t providing the needed power.

If you have a usb port on the computer that outputs more than 500ma then use that one. Sometimes, laptops have at least one usb port with up to one amp output for charging cellphones, etc.

Also, Windowz has the nasty habit of disabling the usb ports to save power usage, may need to go into Devices and disable the power saving ‘feature’.


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Okay, thanks for the advice, but which cable is the right one than? Is the micro USB charging cable from the phone okay or not? Second think i might shoul have written is, when I plug in the 3DR telemetry in PC it shows imedeately the usb port in this case COM3. When i plug it via the USB nothing happens there.

Depends on the cable. Some phone and other USB device cables only have power lines, with no data lines connected-so no data connection possible.
Try a different cable.

Or in my case you have a usb terminal that is separated from the board. Jeez, trying to solder them little leads with a torch is a hassle.