Connecting a radio controller romote to a new drone

There are a lot of videos on how to build a drone on YouTube. However virtually none on how to tune the software after the Drone is built and how to connect a remote controller to the Drone. Questions like tune what software depending on the hardware that is used and tune what exactly. Can I use a really nice controller to control a cheap retail drone and how exactly. More to the point, what really good radio controller can I buy separately that will bind to my sky viper v2450 gps. Any help would really be appreciated…Mikey

Alot of variables in this question. First, what frequency does the receiver on on the SV use? Second, what controller are you wanting to use?. Usually, if you want to use a higher end controller for a RTF drone, you’ll have to make some modifications to the drone (i.e. replace the control radio in the drone itself). And even if the frequencies match, it’s no guarantee that you can use another controller with it. As a matter of fact, it’s probably unlikely unless someone has hacked a way around it.

This has been discussed at length before.I think you’ll find what you need here.

with ur SV , i think U got a transmitter. -…?

Thanks . Really appreciate the info.