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Connecting a GNSS to the Pixhawk 2.1 for a boat


We have designed a boat which is over 4 meters long and can have a weight of 350 kg. I have a GNSS (, is it possible to connect this to the autopilot somehow? Perhaps through a laptop onboard the boat?

As long your selected GPS provides the following signals, it should work. the manual is in Norwegian, I think…I will need few cold beers before I can read it :). I always wanted to visit Norway. my cousin teaches at a University there.

You need;

  1. TX
  2. RX
  3. GND
  4. SCL
  5. SDA
  6. Power I would be careful powering directly from pixhawk as I am not sure what the power draw is of your GPS. So provide power separately.

What is your reason for picking the above GPS? Looks like its designed for normal boats navigation systems.

if you are looking for very accurate GPS, try one of these not the 29 dollar Pixhawk GPS.

You can look for L1/L2 F9 gps such as Drotek.

Thank you so much for the information.
We are currently using a Here+ GPS, however, the precision (and some problems with the compass unit) makes this other GNSS more desirable (centimeter precision).

Which university? I currently work at the University in Stavanger :slight_smile:
Is it possible to get an extended cable for the Here+ GPS? 1-2 meter long?

If you want accuracy, u need something like Drotek L1/L2 F9 GPS its expensive but it works. Here 2 is ok in your application as you are on the ground.

For long cable contact

I am not sure if u can go this far out. Ask them.

I will ask him which university. He is been there for 30 years.

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