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Connect to new pix 2.4.8 without a receiver

(David Rechler) #41

Hi Dave,
Will these do? (or any link to the best choice)


(Dave) #42

Hi David-Yes, those are good quality. I have some HV versions of those on 6S with plenty of flight hrs and going strong. I have had good success with Speedix.

(David Rechler) #43

Hi Dave, an update on that, after additional looking, searching, learning about possible motor/esc overheating issues I came back to the copter and took another look. I found that the screws connecting motor #2, specifically the screw that was closest to the motor power line, looked a bit burnt, so did the carbon fiber plate to which they are fastened. The damage was at the lower side of the top plate and therefore was not visible at first. I looked for it following a post on the subject I came across lately. So I’ve replaced the plate and screws, switched to a shorter screw next to the power line (THAT was the problem), run a continuity check between screws and frame (seems like a long screw next to the power line caused short circuit and that drove the esc and the motor crazy). Now that I’ve fixed that, all motors work fine and quiet. Before, motor test was “bumpy”, at low % the motor did not turn / jumped nervously, esc warmed up etc. At any rate, now I also received the new esc’s (Hobbywing X-rotor 40A BL Heli32, Dshot 1200), though it might have been an un-needed purchase after all, might upgrade my system. Oh, Added an RC for manual fail safe takeover as advised.