Connect Intel Realsense Camera - Orin jetson - Pixhawk ,What library?

I successfully connect pixhawk with orin nx , now i want to connect my D455 realsense camera with MissionPlanner so i can make my drone to avoid obstacles.

What library i must use ?


There are so many what would you suggest and how i can manage to do that?

In ardupilot website they suggest vission to mavros but it seems outdated.
Half o packages i cant even find them and whenever i run a script something else is missing.

Hey @Thanos_Rom did u figure it out. Ive also started working on a project. I intend to use Orin and D435i Realsense camera along with pixhawk.

Hello @Rahul_Pai i figure it out after many headaches , i used vision to mavros because it was the only ready specific library for the camera - sensor .It worked with mission planner also.

1)You can do that with pymavlink also but it needs a lot of code .(if you want something more go with that lib.)
2)Mavproxy is something like a cli inside pymavlink so i dont thing its like a lib , more like command line interface.
3)Mavlink is protocol so is more generic.
4)ROS is a generic lib for all robotics,not for our case.
5)Dronekit is outdated.

Dont forget to enable the global repository in ubuntu because for some reason in my orin was locked(maybe because of the architecture).
I think it was sudo apt universe.

If you stuck in some repos , this will be your solution.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Thanos_Rom for the insights.

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