Confusion in Accel Calibration with AHRS Orientation


My Autopilot is rotated by 90deg clockwise. Hence I’ve changed AHRS_ORIENTATION to Yaw90.

  1. Do I need to perform Accel Calibration before changing AHRS_ORIENTATION or after changing this param.
  2. Is it necessary to have the FC Mounted on the frame because this frame is very big and heavy and doesn’t have level surfaces all around to level on the sides or nose or back? And I would prefer against doing simple calibration as it leaves some performance out.


Calibration before or after, doesn’t matter. No need to be in the vehicle.

Compass does need to be in the vehicle, as the vehicle alters the local mag field (but not the local gravitational field :wink: )

Thanks for the reply.

OK if I’ve changed the AHRS_ORIENTATION then does that changes the meaning of right, left, nose down, nose up and other orientations while calibrating Accel

No, the calibration is done in the sensor reference frame. So the conversion is done based on the orientation that was set when you did the calibration. The new orientation just converts that reference frame to whatever the vehicle is using.