Configure arducopter to accept distance_sensor messages as range finder

I want arducopter to use distances measured on a companion computer as a rangefinder.
How do I configure arducopter to accept mavlink distance_sensor messages as a rangefinder?
I see that the messages are received by the autopilot, but they seem to be ignored (sonar range on mission planner remains 0.00).


Configure range finder type to 10 (mavlink)

I tried that, still nothing. Does the id field of the distance_sensor message have to match something on the flight controller?

Try matching SYSID_MYGCS. It works fine here. Companion sends distance_sensor messages to flight controller, and get accepted.

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No success yet :frowning:
Do you mind sharing your param file and an example distance_sensor message sent from the companion?

Also, I can’t find any place in the code that handles incoming distance_sensor messages.

We are of course using ArduCopter 4.0.4-rc2. I do not know if this works with 3.6. Why are you not using the latest stable release?

I can’t get it 4.0 to fly properly with optical flow+lidar :frowning: