Configuration of the trigger cable on the mini pix for canon a2400 through chdk

hello friends, I have a mini pix from Radiolink and I am trying to use a triggger cable with a canon a2400 camera, through CHDK, but I am not successful. the trigger command by the mission planner does not trigger the camera and when connecting the cable to the camera it starts firing without stopping. Does anyone know the parameters to configure this cable with the mini pix ?? in the normal pixhawk the same set worked perfectly, but in the mini pix there is no auxiliary output. Only 6 outputs as to connect the servos. I appreciate anybody’s help.

Here is what can be said about Radiolink:

There is an Unsupported Hardware catagory.

disagree friend. I managed to shoot the camera through the cable using canon a2400 with chdk. A sequence of settings: 1 - BRD_PWM_count must be 4; 2 - SERVO5_FUNCTION must be 89 (mini pix does not use AUX but MAIN); 3 - RELAY_PIN put 54; 4 - CAM_TRIGG_TYPE put 1. I was successful and the camera is working normally.