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Configuration of avoidance with teraranger tower with upper and bottom rangefinder

(Lalal2017) #1

Hi guys,
I have Pixhawk 2.1 with Terraranger Tower, its working properly on avoidance function.
Now I need add sensors for upper and bottom avoidance.

Any idea?

Thanks for help.


(Mateusz Sadowski) #2

I don’t think currently you can have this setup out of the box with ArduPilot. They way I would try to go about it is have the two sensors looking up and down on i2c, unfortunately currently you can only specify a single PRX_TYPE parameter (meaning you can have either i2c or serial at a time).

When I was testing i2c sensors for obstacle avoidance back in November i run into some problems: Lidar doesn't work when RNGFND_ORIENT set to Up (24), assuming they were resolved there are two ways I would go around this:

  1. Modify the firmware to add a new proximity type (TeraRanger Tower + i2c) (or to make it even more clean create PRX_TYPE_2)
  2. Add a companion computer that can collect data from all your sensor and send them as mavlink messages (PRX_TYPE MAVLink) (I never used proximity this way so I can’t tell how reliable it is)

In both cases you would quite likely need to modify the ArduCopter firmware.

Hope any of that helps!

(Lalal2017) #3

Hi Mat
thanks for the answer, I expected this result.
I decided to choose to make a new type of PRX (Teraranger Tower + 2 TerabeeOne I2c) based on the expansion of “AP_Proximity_TeraRangerTower” by two TerabeeOne I2c sensors.
Modify other AP_Proximity related modules.
And I will test the new firmware on my octocopter (Pixhawk 2.1).
It’s good idea :slight_smile: ?

(Mateusz Sadowski) #4

Hi Lada,

Sorry, I didn’t get a notification about your reply. Your idea sounds good to me (of course be careful when flight testing it and try it one module at a time). Please let me know how it works out!