Configue Here+ External Barometer with

Hi All

One of the selling points of the HERE+ RTK GPS unit is an external barometer.

ON the wiki it there is support for DROTEK and ADAFRUIT external Baro.

Would the process be similar for setting up the HERE+ external Baro?

On the pcb there is only a small plug receptor next to the Barometer (see pic)

Can I assume the BARO is connected to the i2c bus already?

the wiki says to change this parameter:


But on the most recent FW and MP there is only an option to chance the i2c bus.

Is there anyway to do this ?

Or should I get a DROETEK external Baro board?

Many Thanks

Or is it only going to work with CANBUS?

The selling points with a hardware are exactly that - hardware. Not functionality. The functionality (software, firmware, etc.) to use the hardware still has to be developed. My understanding is that right now they are as good as useless unless you are a developer or know one to help you out. Maybe you will find one who wants to help you out here.

Thanks Nathan

I will have do make a plan with a supported external baro then.