Config Error: Baro: unable to initialise driver

Hi, everyone, i have matek f405 wmn, so it doesn’t works, MP writes same error with copter 4.2.0/1/2 and rover 4.2.0/1/2. What can i do to solve this? thank you

Its hardware issue ,baro sensor failed to initialise or its failed to work…you should change the Hardware.
Its not related to any firmware or software issue.

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Do you power the board with USB or battery?

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I tried both usb and usb+battery with the same error(

Plug in the battery first, if you have not tried that.

Maybe I can somehow not use the barometer, like in the betaflight configurator?

@irrreal Is there any fix or is it a hardware issue, which caused to change the flightcontroller?

Hi, now it works without any hardware tricks. To be honest, i don’t remember how i solved the problem, i need some time to think about how i fixed it

Perhaps the problem was that a burnt ublox7m gps module was connected to the i2c bus, when I connected the CJ M49 with hmc5883l, instead of the broken ublox, everything worked. For your information, the built-in barometer spl06 is connected via i2c.

Thanks for your answer. I sloved the problem by flashing a custum firmware for my omnibus f4 pro. Seams like one of the latest updates caused the issue

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I have same problem with dead compass QMC6883
I have no idea why they dies in few hours of flying

Hi, may be problem with a power supply? What power system are you using?

I have a F405-WTE, and I am getting the same Config Error: Baro: unable to initialise driver. The firm ware is already uploaded to the FC from a previous person who I know did it correctly. I have a USB cable to power it, but I am not sure the steps to install specific drivers on my computer. I would love the help thank you!

I have fixed my problem. on the extender is a buzzer and on it had a switch that was off. I flipped it to on and everything is working well now.

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I use std build in FC stabiliser (4,5V pin)

Capacitors on the power line can help, or you can galvanically decouple the qmc8883 and the flight controller using a separate dc-dc converter to power the magnetometer

I have same problem.
Matek F405TE. It’s frustrating when you finally find someone who has struggled with the same problem, but never really found the solution. Like me. Sorry–I made it work, but I don’t know why it worked, or how I did i exactly.
It was not a hardware problem, but a configuration error. As it said.
Somehow, (I don’t remember how) I dumped the old configuration and started over, and that worked.My 82-year-old memory is not so good.
Any ideas appreciated.

irreal, Please see if you can remember. I’ve got the same problem on a Matek F405ST.

Hi, @wazoo22 , In my case, a burned-out imu of the gps module was connected to the i2c bus. Therefore, until I disconnected imu from the i2c bus, the barometer did not work

Thanks for your reply.