Config error baro goku gn745 AIO

It does sound that way. I tried flashing the BL first with STM32Cube… but maybe I did something wrong. I’ll go back to trying just to get the BL working. Thanks

My most consistent means for success has been to grab the “xxx_with_bl.hex” file from the firmware site and load it with STM32CubeProgrammer. I’ve not yet found a situation where I need to flash the bootloader separately, even when it’s a bare board or has Betaflight or PX4 pre-existing.

@dkemxr recommends DFU-Util over that method, and I hesitate to argue with his success. He’s probably flashed more boards than I.

I was using this method with success too and then it failed me at one point. So I switched to the 2 step method with DFU-Util/MP and carried on with that. BetaFlight configurator used to work, then it didn’t. Same with the iNav configurator. Yes, annoying.

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I got Ardupilot loaded again. Same results with batt.

Dave, which DFU-Util do you use? There seem to be multiple places from which to get it?

I used DFU-Util 0.9 to load the BL and then MP to load arducopter.apj. Same result.

Features.txt shows a bunch of baro stuff enabled. Is it possible that it’s looking for something that’s not there?

Pick the latest Rev:
And bootloaders here:

Substitute the actual bootloader to be flashed:
sudo dfu-util -d 0483:df11 -c 1 -i 0 -a 0 -D omnibusf4pro_bl.bin -s 0x08000000

I wonder if they have produced a newer Rev board?

There is clearly a new board: Update FLYWOOF745 by haslinghuis · Pull Request #891 · betaflight/unified-targets · GitHub - not sure how this relates to the baro, but seems like something needs fixing

Add DPS310 to FLYWOOF745 and remove default (#886) · betaflight/unified-targets@5c53285 · GitHub :roll_eyes: @WAM2 this clearly needs a new hwdef. I probably won’t have time this weekend, but next week might.

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Oh, that’s awesome. This was driving me nuts! Thanks for all of the help.

Annoying as I looked at the Flywoo product page. It does not show an update. But, you will be out of the weeds soon anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone

Please can you try this firmware:

arducopter.apj (786.8 KB) (995.7 KB)

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You’re amazing - thank you. I’ll try it this evening when I get home.

Everything is much happier. I can’t fully test it yet - it’s just a bare board, but Mission Planner isn’t complaining and the horizon etc responds as expected. Thank you so much for the quick response.

What I really need to know is if the motor mapping is correct. If you are able to check that it would be helpful.

I will check that as soon as I can. I will start soldering next week.

I made it to the lab and started assembly. I used QGroundControl to test.

QGC motor | Flight Controller Designator | Frame Position | Status

   A                                M2                                   RR                 works
   B                                M4                                   RF                 works
   C                                M3                                   LF                  no response
   D                                M1                                   LR                 works

I connected the non-responsive motor to another output and it works so either there is a bad ESC or the settings for that channel are wrong.

Ok, so this is sad - it’s possible that the new motor mapping is not in all of the new boards :frowning: Here is firmware with the new baro and old mapping, can you try and see if it works please.

arducopter.apj (786.7 KB)

Yes, that works for all of the motors.