Config error baro goku gn745 AIO

Hi, I just flashed a new board with the latest firmware. I started with STM32Cubeprogrammer and then updated with Mission Planner. The programming was successful during both steps, however, the board fails to initialize. Can someone help please?
Thank you!

What version of that board?

Version 1.2. Also, it has the VG chip

OK. After flashing the bootloader did you grab the .apj file from here and use the Load Custom Firmware option in Mission Planner to flash it? F745 APJ

No, I loaded arducopter_w_bl.hex from STM32Cubeprogrammer. I’ll try your sequence just for kicks.

I flash the bootloader with DFU-util and then the Ardupilot firmware with Mission Planner as stated. It has never failed whereas other methods seem to be hit or miss.

I followed your sequence, but unfortunately I’m getting the same result.

If the bootloader is flashed then give QgroundControl a try to flash Arducopter. Sometimes it just works.

This is my first stop for boards with no bootloader. It usually works fine. I did use the DFU Util method once and had no problem with that, either.

I tried the bootloader first and then QGC. Same results

Are you booting into DFU mode by holding the button upon connecting?

Yes, when I connect to STM32cubeprogrammer. In Mission Planner, I have to allow it to boot normally or it isn’t recognized.

That’s correct. Mission Planner cannot program DFU-connected devices, whereas STM32CubeProgrammer and DFU Util only program devices in DFU mode and must include the bootloader.

I really think I’m following the correct sequences. I have emailed Flywoo to see if there is an independent diagnostic that I can run on the barometer.

I followed the same sequence with the same tools on a Matek board and it works fine.

Sometimes you just get bad hardware. Return it if possible. Or chalk it up to mass manufacturing…

I had a Matek board that just wouldn’t flash last year. I gave up and replaced it.

On some boards i2c seems to require battery power to work properly - try actually connecting a battery and see that helps

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

And thanks to all of you for your help and suggestions.

I re-installed betaflight at the request of Flywoo customer service. It works without problem. I attempted to revert back to Arducopter to add the battery as suggested but now I can’t get it to install. What could installing betaflight do? I’m allowing full erase. Betaflight configurator says there are required custom add-ons. Is there something similar for Arducopter?

No. Sounds like the Bootloader didn’t get flashed. It came with Betaflight didn’t it?

It occurs to me that Betaflight may work whether the Baro is working/detected or not so that might not be a definitive test.