conf problems ESC FLYCOLOR BLheli32 and Bluejay

Hello, I need your help, I’ve been trying to solve this for hours, I can’t configure my ESCs through Bluejay or BLheli32s.
The first one tells me the following: The 4-way interface could not be enabled - reconnect the flight controller.
the second is the same.

please help!

BLHeli_32 and Bluejay are very different types of FW and there are many more available, make sure you know which type of ESCs you have.

The problem could be anything without further details, please give us:

  • brand and make of your ESCs
  • where are the ESCs connected?
  • where is your PC connected?
  • what software are you using to connect to the ESCs?
  • what flight controller do you have?
  • what FW is on the FC?
  • post a .param file with your FCs parameters

A picture is worth a thousand words!

connect the motors to the flight controller MAIN OUT 1234 channels while from the transmitter through IBUS, at least that’s what I intend, the power comes from a PDB board.

On the other hand, I understand that by exchanging cables I can adjust the direction of rotation similar to the three-phase network (R-S-T).

sent you images of the errors

thank you!

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-04-17 a las 22.43.19_ef127e4a

ejecuto en modo admin el .exe

BLHeli Passthrough config using ArduPilot (

vere este video y vere que tal

So you just posted 9000 words… sounds like TL;DR to me :laughing:

Unfortunately you still didn’t answer all of my questions, these are still open:

what firmware is on the flight controller?
please post a .param file with your FCs parameters

Since your ESCs are BLHeli_32, the appropriate software is BLHeli_Suite. There’s no need to try the Bluejay configurator.

Connect your ESCs to Aux Out 1-4 instead of Main Out 1-4 and set the parameter SERVO_BLH_AUTO = 1. If that doesn’t solve the issue, also set SERVO_BLH_MASK = 3840.

Thank you very much, it was really helpful, just switching to the AUX OUT outputs worked great for me

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Hello again, I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me a while ago, I already have the team in the air.

but I have the following doubt.
I am trying to enable some outputs for two 180 degree servo motors which I connect to MAIN OUT and in the advanced parameters SERVO8_FUNCTION I enable 1 until then everything is ok, but now I don’t know how to modulate the signal from my FLYSKY control with FSIA6B. with the VRA CAN9 and VRB CAN10 potentiometers of my flysky

Don’t know about your specific FC, but normally you can just connect the servo to one of the PWM outs that don’t belong to the main motor group, set the servo function to a free RCIN channel and set your pot to that channel in your Tx.