Complex trajectory following

I have a fairly complex, time-indexed 3-D trajectory I’d like my quadcopter to follow. I realize I could do this with waypoints, but due to the trajectory complexity, I’d likely require more than the max number of waypoints allowed in a mission (which is around 700 waypoints, per elsewhere on this forum).

I could break up my full trajectory into segments of <700 waypoints each, and then upload a new segment as needed … but I’m afraid that might cause a discontinuity at the point of new mission upload.

Is there any other approach to this problem I could take? Is there any development or branches of Arducopter which include more robust trajectory following?

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@tridge has been working on something like this in his pr-circle-improvements branch. This is very much a work-in-progress but if you’re comfortable with ardupilot development then this might be a good place to start.

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I guess you should consider using GUIDED mode and a companion computer.
Something as small as a raspberry Pi zero should give you a gazilion on waypoints.