Compatibility OPLink Mini with onboard antenna


I want to modify a stable version of the firmware for a quadrocopter running on a OpenPilot Revolution (full featured version), so that it is possible to use OPLink Mini with the onboard antenna for transmitting telemetry data and control the copter using the same connection.

I followed this instruction to setup the build environment.
Using cygwin64 I’ve downloaded the firmware for “revo-mini”.
Is that basically the same firmware that I can use on my fully featured revo FC?

Do you have any suggestions where to start, to add the compability feature mentioned in the title?
I’m completely new to Ardupilot and drones and stuff like that in general but I thought it would be a nice thing to figure out.

Maybe you have some suggestions for overviews about the software architecture of the firmware, or maybe some other tips and tricks.

I am actually just searching for a place to start.

Hope you can help me out.

Best regards