Compass vs GPS Yaw

Hi everyone.
New to the forum and to ArduPilot. My name is Nick Alexander.

When using a SIRIUS RTK GNSS ROVER (F9P + RM3100), is there a need to configure a moving baseline with a 2nd GPS for Yaw?
With RM3100 as a compass, can’t it be used for heading?
My aim is one SIRIUS RTK GNSS ROVER (F9P + RM3100) on ugv and SIRIUS RTK GNSS BASE (F9P) fixed base for corrections.

Some info on the ugv:
The ugv is 1.1m x 1.1m all steel construction.
4 x electric hub wheel motors 600w each with dual motor controllers running in skid steer mode.
5kw battery pack 48v 100ah
Will also be equipped with a DC generator(permenant magnet alternator which most likely will produce alot of emi).
Cube Orange with a SIYI MK15 transmitter receiver.

Most of us using ardupilot for mowing have gone to a second GPS for yaw because of the difficulty of calibrating the compass with that much metal around. If that level of directional precision is not needed, stick with a single GPS and the compass. That’s what the basic FC system is set up for. Good luck!

Thanks for that info.
As I also need this precision for mowing, looks like a 2nd GPS is the way to go.
So should all compass units be disabled when setting up GPS yaw?

Yep. I disabled all of mine.

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Will do Steve.
Through experience, will the GPS units get affected by emi? Is there a minimum distance from metal parts when it’s time to secure them to the ugv?
I plan on setting them horizontally at a distance of 95cm, just not sure how high I should go.

Not sure there are many hard and fast rules here Nick. I am using dual F9Ps about 18” above the mower to ensure a clean line of sight to the horizon. Am also using the mowers original (dirty) charging system to recharge the battery that the guidance system pulls from. Have had no indications of any EMI within the system so far (150+ hrs).

OK Steve. I guess there is alot of trial and error until all gets completed.
Thank you very much for the info.
Greatly appreciated.

Good Luck Nick! Send pics!

Here is a short video. Still under construction of moving platform.

Testing suspension.

I like it! What’s the mission for this platform? Testing?

Mostly autonomous mowing(hopefully). Ability to also tow a small trailer and provide 240vac with its onboard inverter.

There are several of us having great success mowing. It’s very cool watching it trundle around for hours on end. You’ll get there! Onward!

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