Compass Motor calibration troubles

I have been having trouble with compass Mot calibration on Arducopter V4.3.0. When I try to start calibration it says “Disarm to allow calibration”, then repeated message “Initializing Ardupilot”. Throttle will not raise with the rc receiver input. Also getting a “Internal errors 0x400 1:234 cnstring_nan” I think I may have found a problem, just need some help understanding if I am on the right track, and how to fix it.
When I look at the HW ID on Mission Planner, it shows the three compasses on the top:

then down lower it shows:

COMPASS_DEV_ID_5 (unknown)
COMPASS_DEV_ID_6 (unknown)
COMPASS_DEV_ID_7 (unknown)
COMPASS_DEV_ID_8 (unknown)

All of the devid and values for compass 3 and 4 are the same.
I think I removed compasses in the way they said not to remove them in the compass calibration pages.
I am wondering if there is a way to fix this without reflashing Firmware and starting over.


Do a flight with lots of turns and we can run that log through MAVEXPLORER to get the compass/motor values

2022-09-12 23-21-12.tlog (466.9 KB)

A tlog is no good, needs to be a .bin log