Compass/Motor calibration error

To start, I’d like to share the specifications of the drone I’m currently designing. The frame size measures 1400mm diagonally from the motor to the motor. I’m utilizing a Cube Orange and Here3 GNSS, along with 2 LiPO 22000mah batteries and an X8 Pro Motor in an X8 quadcopter configuration.

However, I’m currently encountering some issues with the drone’s calibration and flight performance. During compass motor calibration, error messages such as “EKF3 IMU stopped aiding,” “PreArm: Internal errors 0x400 I:234 cnstring_nan,” an unsuccessful calibration arises.

In addition, I encountered a second issue while attempting to fly the drone using a mission planner. Although I set waypoints for it to follow, the drone’s altitude decreased with each movement toward the next waypoint, even though the mission planner indicated the altitude remained consistent.