Compass calibration over and over again

like this pic,the Progress bar from 0% to 100%over and over again,what can i do,pls
屏幕截图 2024-06-17 172851

Also, what compass do you use?

tk for answer,but,except “ Set fitness to Relaxed”,there is no other parameters that can be changed for calibration ,isn’t? i use 5883+ F405

also:how to use “large vehicle mag”? it always error,like this

it is to use another device like a mobile phone and align parallel to the drone GPS module preferably both face North, bearing 0, and set it.

We 3D print a jig to place the phone to align with the GPS module.

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yes,just my phone ,compass number like this ,but it always error,the MP version is latest,1.3.81