Compass calibration error in Holybro M8 Nano GPS

Hi guys, I need your help. I’m calibrating my holybro M8 nano compass on MatekH743 V-3 slim board and the compass is not calibrating. The calibration is restarting again. My setup has 3 lidars. The GPS is enclosed in a 3d printed shell similar to DJI mavic(but 2x the size).
I tried calibrating it on QGCS but it always shows in red zone.
(PS: I’m calibrating the drone in a closed room/lab).

Please help me with the issue :pray:

How far away from other electronic components and especially power cables is your receiver positioned?
I lately had a similar problem with a Radiolink M10N receiver. Finally it helped rotating the module for 180° for successful calibration.


the GPS is little far from the electronics on the top shell and apart from that I have shielded it using copper tape to cancel out any interference.

But yeah I have positioned it in -180 deg…
will try to reposition it :+1:

Copper tape does not shield from magnetic interference and is therefore useless.
Try to get some distance to other components in case rotating the module doesn’t help.

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Your gps should be about 8-10cm from other electronics. That is what i found out optimal.

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