Companion computer with cuavx7

I am trying to establish a connection between a NVIDIA Jetson nano and a CUAV X7 flight controller using mavproxy. I am using an FTDI serial converter and have followed the pin out connections for everything without connecting Vcc. Launching recognizes the port but gives me error “Mav link1 down”. Doing the same process using a USB-C connection works fine with mavproxy. I have noted that there are some parameters on px4 website that I cannot find using mission planner or the mav.parameter file.

Are these maybe my problem? Would they have different sames under the mavparameters list? Wanting an FTDI connection through the telem2 port for a higher baudrate but doesn’t seem to work. I have set the parameters I can find like SERIAL PROTOCOL2 = 2 and SERIAL2BAUDRATE=921600

I am not sure if you are using ArduPlane or PX4 firmware.

But I can tell you that ArduCopter and CUAV X7 work fine with an Nvidia TX2i at 1500 kbaud. ArduPlane will do that as well.

I am using the ARDUPLANE firmware 4.2.2. is everything about my settings/setup correct? Should I be able to find these parameters somewhere or should it be unrelated besides protocol and baudrate?. I should also mention I have the FTDI converter at 3V as specified on the px4 website.

The FTDI cable will use serial 0 not serial 2.

So either connect to telem2 without FTDI cable. Or use serial 0 parameters.

And start using instead of the PX4 website as documentation source