Companion Computer Setup


I’ve been struggling with this for a few weeks now and really feel like I’ve tried everything.

I am trying to set up a pixhawk, running Copter 4.0.7, with a raspberry pi as a companion computer. I had all the parameters set up correctly and it was nearly working a while ago, however just out the blue it stopped working. After trying for days to fix it I decided to try and restart(I’d done it once so it should be easy to redo). However, this has just lead to more and more errors putting me further behind now than ever.

What currently is happening is that I have followed this,, and set those parameters. Next I’m trying to calibrate the ESC, however I don’t have a RC so i am trying to use the auto-calibrate function ( This worked for me before however, now whenever i try to do it I hear the arming tone but then nothing after that.

I have really been tearing my hair out so any help would really be appreciated


What ESC’s are they? Get yourself some BLHeli_32’s and don’t worry about calibration.

thanks ill give this a go