Companion computer as GCS + radio telemetry to MissionPlanner

I am using a Pi on my drone that is connected by USB to the autopilot. The Pi runs mavproxy using master=/dev/ttyACM0 and has a two output links which are used in python scripts to 1,recieve attitude information, and 2, to input fake gps data.
In addition to this I want to use my radio telemetry, one connected to my laptop and one on my drone where the laptop using MissionPlanner will be like a GCS which sends/controls the mission, parameters, and recieves all telemetry data like usual.
I think somewhere I have a mismatch of connections because the radio connection was cut after a few seconds of flight and I no longer receieved data, then my plane crashed somewhere (where I havent found it yet) so I cant get the Pi to read its logs.
Does anyone have any knowledge on this? I think it is a problem in MissionPlanner that I haven’t set that there are more components. Or that one of the output links (like the one that just recieves attitude information) is being known also as a GCS so there is a conflict.
Any help/advice would be great.

So, if I understand this right, you were flying your plane with the telemetry link only, without a RC TX/RX backup, outdoors in an uncontrolled enviroment? I do not know where you were flying, but in most countries, this violates a lot of laws and regulations, not the least of which is common sense. Please tell me I am wrong.

I didn’t think that was necessary to add since it’s not part of the problem, but I have a GPS and a RC commander too for backup manual/stabilize control.
In my country, no.

I am very relieved to hear that. Why did you not use the RC and flew the plane back or switched it to RTL?

Because I realised too late.
Do you have suggestions for my questions?

Which law would it break? I dont know of any legilslation taht specifically details that you must use an RC link?

Hi Gregory,

I don’t know if you have found a fix to your problem. If so, can you share your experience handling this situation? I’m having similar issues with my setup.

I have an ODROID XU4 onboard as the companion computer. It runs ROS to bridge Vicon data to ardupilot for localization and collects EKF data from ardupilot for computing onboard control commands. I also have a pair of telemetry radios, one with pixhawk, one with GCS. This is for the status monitoring with human operators.

It all worked fine if no GCS is opened on the ground side: ROS will communicate with ardupilot to get the bidirectional communication done via mavros. But when I started mavproxy on GCS, the EKF in ardupilot seemed to stop using the Vicon information for localization: I noticed it because the height information in mavproxy console kept increasing. To me, it seems there is a conflict of “authority” when mavproxy started to talk to ardupilot. But I don’t have any clue how this can happen.