Companion Computer and this software

Hello everyone!
I want to use companion computer for my custom flight mode and I’m beginner in this topic!
I choose NVIDIA jetson nano for my application.
In this link : (Companion Computers — Dev documentation) I saw too many popular software like APSync, DroneKit, FlytOS, Maverick, ROS, Rpanion-server and I don’t know about them.
My question is which software for companion computer is better(more useful and professional) and which one is easier to learn? any suggestion?


@rmackay9 @amilcarlucas

I like and use MavROS.

APSync, Dronekit and Rpanion-server will only give you the MAVLink messages. So you’ll need to code your software to accept a MAVLink stream and work from there.

As I mentioned before, I’m beginner and don’t have much data about them. I want to buy course for learn one of them.
You suggest which one?
I see many developers using ROS, is it the best?

The best and more complicated and harder to use is probably:
ROS2 + mavros

But you can also use:
ROS1 + mavros
ROS2 + UROS agent (native requires arducopter 4.5.0-dev)