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Communication restoration between Sonic board and FC

(Warren) #1

I must have changed the wrong serial parameter by accident last night, and now I’m unable to get any data from the flight controller. The Sonic board can be connected to by WIFI, and you can see video on the web console, but there is no telemetry data in the Status window, and you cant load the parameter tree, just shows the webpage. I think I either changed the connection to 52 on serial 2…or something…it was late. :smiley:
A factory reset, by factreset.txt on the SD card, resets the Sonic board, but still no joy, makes sense if I
fubar’d the com port. Is there a way to manually restore the FC or connect to it from console? Any help is really appreciated.

(tridge) #2

There are multiple ways to fix this, assuming that what you have done is change the baudrate.
One method is to connect to the sonix dev console on TCP port 2017, and then tell the sonix to use whatever baudrate you chose, then see if communication is restored. The “baudrate” command can do that. After you have comms back then fix the parameters.
A second method is to build a flight firmware with the baudrate hardcoded to 625000, and put it on the microSD as flight_fw.abin, then reboot. The sonix will load that flight firmware at next power on.

(Warren) #3

Awesome, dev console got me back in and restored, thanks for the help!