Changed SERIAL1_BAUD, easier way than using a external serial adapter?

I had some trouble to upload missions, prearm checks and so on (will start a new topics for that) while scrolling thru the parameters I thought it would be a nice idea to try to change SERIAL1_BAUD. I did not consider that the Sonix board is connected to that port. My fault!
Is there a way to change the baud rate of the sonix board?
Or is the easiest way the connect a external serial adapter to the PCB?
Is 3.3V OK for the serial adapter?


If you open the Dev console (see dev wiki) you can connect to the sonic board. There is a pretty deep --help menu built in. You can set the sonic board to match what you set the FC to. Then you can switch the FC back to the default. (again in the wiki) Did the same thing to mine. Sry for vague reference to the wiki. Only have my phone at the moment.

Thanks Warren, I will check it!

According to the Dev Wiki I connected to the SkyViper.
With the command baudrate 115200 I changed the baudrate of the Sonix board to my changed setting. Than I connected QGC, after that I had all the parameters on the parameters page. There I changed it back to the default 625000 baud.

Thanks Warren for your hint!