Communication between RPi and Pixhawk [solved]

rpi und pixhawk

Hello guys,
I am trying to make pixhawk and rpi communicate and whenever I type in
(sudo -s --master=/dev/ttyAMA0 --baudrate 57600 --aircraft MyCopter)
I get MAV >1 link down…
Anyone has any idea what might be the problem ?
I have followed all the required steps and yet I get this.

Thank you in advance

is /dev/ttyAMA0 correct?
is the baudrate parameter on the corresponding ardupilot serial port set to 57?
are the RX and TX wires connected correctly?
does the user have permissions to open the serial port?


Thank you for your reply,
I am connecting Pixhawk to RPi through USB cable.

how can I know if /dev/ttyAMA0 is correct?

simply by connecting and disconnecting pixhawk to check what port is showing up in /dev list when connecting pixhawk to RPI, it can be ACM0, USB0, or anything

Thank you for ur reply,

I am sorry but I’m still new to all of this…
when I typed in
ls /dev/ttyAM0 … it says no such file or directory .

so after connecting and this connecting pixhawk, where will I find which port is showing up?

yeah, that’s the right step, just type ls /dev/tty*, then you will see list of available serial ports, run this command 2 times, once when pixhawk is disconnected to RPI, and then second time after you connect pixhawk with RPI, checkout what new port you are getting while doing this, that’s the port you should use

I got the same results when connected and disconnected .
maybe I should wait few mins after connecting it ?

that’s weird, serial port for pixhawk should have been appeared within few seconds after connecting to RPI, are you able to connect your pixhawk to mission planner over USB ?

now I got it, it was ACM0…
Thanks a lot man really appreciate it…
now I will proceed I hope it will work


so now it’s a different error I believe, it keeps giving almost same results nonstop.

same issue when connected and disconnected. can some one please resolve this problem.