Color detection & targeting opencv + sitl + mavproxy

Hi everyone im plannnig to do copter which just detects the red color, tracks & lands it.
I’;ve finished the color detection with opencv(python) how can i implement dronekit codes for tracking the color and sending land messages etc. does anyone have documents, advices for this plan?

I have seen a repo that does EXACTLY this… I don’t remember though what the name was. If you google enough, you’ll find it.

Anyway, all you need to do is calculate the angle_x, angle_y in this mavlink message and send it to ArduPilot: Landing Target Protocol · MAVLink Developer Guide

Set the relevant Prec Land parameters (in our documentation): PLND_ENABLE = 1
You’ll also need a rangefinder since you can’t locate the red colour in 3D.

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