Collecting good param files

I’m hoping to collect good working parameter files from all forms of multirotors.
The copter should be working quite reliably and well tuned.
Recent firmware version too, no old APM flight controllers!

I will enter the data into a spreadsheet and check for trends in parameters based on more than just prop size and battery cells (like the Initial Parameters screen in MissionPlanner does now). I wont necessarily be focusing on just PIDs, but anything that looks relevant.

The goal being to come up with a better range of starting parameters or PIDs for a wider range of aircraft, or categories of aircraft.

There could be any of several outcomes:

  • A calculator similar to initial parameters, with more inputs and more output data
  • A range of param files to suit different categories of copters, to be added to “Load Presaved” in MissionPlanner
  • An enhancement to alter the existing default PIDs to work across a wider range of copters for first flights
  • It’s all too disparate and random, no good will come of this :frowning:

If I can come up with a range of param files, or a new calculator, the resulting parameters would NOT be a definitive known-good set of parameters for any particular configuration, but a jump start into getting off the ground and starting additional tuning. This is in addition to the current “Initial Parameters” calculations and other configs currently performed for first flights.

If there are categories that come out of this, they could possibly be based on ranges of take off weights, or frame sizes - yet to be determined.

Those wishing to submit working parameter files can upload them to the link below.

  • A small text file (whatever.txt) including flight controller, frame size and config (octo/hex/quad etc), prop size, battery details (cells, chemistry), ESC info, PWM or DSHOT, take off weight, purpose (videography/spraying/acro) anything else you think of
  • A param file of the same name (whatever.param) as the text file so I can match them up

.bin log files are welcome too, feel free to anonymise the location data. Rename the log file and include a text file as per above. I’ll be able to tell if your tuning is good and if the PIDs are worth taking into consideration. So “it looked OK in the sky” might not be good enough to contribute to results.


Good idea! left my parameters on your drive. Thanks

Thanks for contributing.

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How to do that?

Is there a possibilities in the future there is a button on the mission planner to submit?

There has been a button on the Ctrl-F menu for a long time.

@xfacta , let me know if you need more details in the .txt file about the quad. I don’t have the machine available at the moment but I can get you more detailed specifics later this week if you need them. I hope this helps.

@xfacta I also added some *.bin logs, don’t know if it is worthy or not :slight_smile:

which one are you referring to?

is the one you need if wishing to hide your original location data

Ha, I am referring to a submit param and log button to a server on your excellent param collection. So I guess Dave and I are telling a different story.

after Anon Log, Review the xxxx-anon.log failed. Is it normal?


Hello. Dear @xfacta , I have uploaded 10 lt Agricultural Drone and 20 lt Agricultural Drone information. LOG, Param, TXT. Check. If there is an error, I will upload it again. Thank you for your nice work.

10lt Havas Robotic_ AgriCulture Drone

20Lt_Havas Robotic_AgriCulture Drone

Thanks - I’ll check and save them for my investigations.

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is version 1.9 the latest version at the dropbox?

That is the latest version of the initial parameters spreadsheet.
I probably havent changed the version numbers when I should.

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Hello @Havas_Robotic I used the ArduPilot methodic configurator on your 40Kg vehicle and created this file: (177.0 KB)

After inspection using the software I can see that many parameters are either not configured or incorrectly configured.
Do your drones fly properly?