Coaxial VTOL neither fish nor fowl. Ancient beginner needs advice

Both of these tailsitters fly with OpenAero VTOL, but I’d like to use a pixhawk and either arduplane or arducopter–or better yet, a mix.
Copter has code for a coaxial that would probably be perfect for my hover mode, but after that—?
Tried qGC, but actually copter’s coaxial is closer to what I need. Can I run both copter and plane “coaxially”? Can I jigger the coaxial code to transition?
Really need input from a wiser head here.
The potential for VTOL tailsitters is HUGE, judging from the posts and my responses elsewhere. The blue bird is SO COOL in transition. I’m sure someone is working on VTOL in plane. Will someone point me?

This is the page for ArduPlane’s VTOL capabilities:

AFAIK nobody has attempted to do this for tail-sitting, and I’ve no idea if it will work!

This is an old thread, I know, but is a coaxial rotor tailsitter configuration supported with ArduPilot currently? There are a lot of tailsitter and QuadPlane types in the documentation but I haven’t seen a coaxial tailsitter -