CoaxCopter Drone

Hello everyone,

I have build a large coaxcopter and using Copter-3.6.3. I am using 8 flaperons for generating enough control moment. However, my question is how do I individually assign two servos onto the same RC_Output so that an individial trim for the flap will be possible?!
I did not have any luck with “doubble asigning/mapping” the same servofunction.

Servo1_function = 33
Servo2_function = 34
Servo3_function = 35
Servo4_function = 36
Servo5_function = 37 (ESC)
Servo6_function = 38 (ESC)

Servo9_function = 33
Servo10_function = 34
Servo11_function = 35
Servo12_function = 36

is written:

Copter-3.5 (and earlier) do not support assigning the same function to multiple output channels but this feature will be present in Copter-3.6 (and higher).

Is this feature available by now? And how do I get it done?

Thanks for your help in advance!

@ILL001, as mentioned in the other discussion I’ve tested this and it appears to work but parameter defaulting may lead to the original SERVO1_FUNCTION being reset to 0. If you set it again manually though it should “stick” the 2nd time.