Co-axial motor power allocation for efficiency improvement

I have seen a lot of discussion about using different KV, pitch and prop size between top and bottom co-axial motors to prevent top motors from working too hard or to improve overall efficiency. This thread from around 2020 comes to mind.

I can’t find a clear answer about whether or not ardu-pilot supports the ability to allow us to assign more power to the top or bottom rotors. I see people changing ESC PWM ranges and doing all sorts of things to affect this behavior.

Given all the work that people are doing, would it not make sense to add a feature that would allow one to set the power allocation between the top and bottom motors. Perhaps one of the contributers could weight in? For example, what would happen if you modified the output signals of the bottom motors (assuming we are working from 0 to 1) by like 1.2 and clipping to allowable values (or something more elegant)…

More elegant would be to create a new motor mixer using lua scripting.

Yep, this is possible using lua scripting to load a mixer with throttle factors.