Closed Hardware Boards


In this page:
We can find open as well as closed hardware boards.

Isn’t the Ardupilot project open by definition ?
Doesn’t the license require all boards to be open ?


ArduPilot is software autopilot suite. We don’t do hardware. So it is totally fine to have vendor with non open hardware board. We can still load ardupilot on them find, the only piece missing is that you cannot clone the board easily.
But it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Then another important point. Open Source doesn’t mean open on internet. So they could share file only for their client privately that is what most of OSS license require !


Thanks for clarifying it for me.
But Pixhawk/PX4 are open source hardware right ?
If so, would someone (or a company) building their own “flavor” of the hardware stemming from the original version be obligated to share the sources ?

PX4 is an alternative Flight Control software.