Circle mode in SITL just lands the copter

Just installed all the latest version of everything (as far as I know). Running arducopter in Gazebo (IRIS) and using ROS.

Go into guided mode
Arm throttle
Take off 30 ( goes to 30 m)
Circle (Command shows as accepted in the mavproxy console. The quadcopter start to fly in what looks like it might be a circle, but quickly looses altitude and lands at a random place).

I’ve tried changing the circle radius and also the rate etc. No success.

What could I be doing wrong?

if rc 3 channel is too low, it will loose altitude. Set it to 1500

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Thant fixed it.

I was wrongly assuming that the when circling it would also automatically hold altitude.

It will behave just like AltHold mode. The throttle channel becomes a climb/descent rate selector of sorts. Mid-throttle holds altitude. Above center climbs at an increasing rate as the throttle is pushed up. Below center has the opposite effect.