Circle in XZ plane

Hello. Is there a way to draw a circle in air, but not in XY plane but XZ plane? Axis’ considered as image below.
Note that I am using Copter 3.2.1 on APM 2.8.
Thank you.

A loop? Sure, in Acro mode.

Oh sorry, I forgot to specify: The drone is in Auto Mode.
So in this case circle must be drawn autonomously.

Simply put waypoints on that plane, and set yaw behaviour to no change. Since no GCS is capable of generating such waypoints at the moment, you have to do it by hand… :frowning:

I don’t think it’d look like a circle on fly time, also seems dirty solution.
That was what I thought. I am going to make it myself by writing a function/flight mode for APM.
Thank you anyway.

Then use a companion computer and guided mode.

It’s needed for a competition, and rules restrict any companion computer. Only APM itself is allowed.

No companion computer and a Flight Controller that is obsolete? Rules restrictions indeed.

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And asking a solution for a competition task in a forum… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I admit that is not gentle, but if there’s a solution for it I’d like to use it.

Don’t dismiss Andras solution so quickly! If you input the Waypoints to form a vertical circle and use Spline Waypoints (which splines both horizontal and vertical) it will look like a circle. This one attached flown in SITL has only 4 quadrant points and it looks pretty good to me. 8 points (every 45°) would probably look really good. In fact I think I’ll try this on a an actual quad and see for myself.

OK, so I flew this mission with 8 waypoints to describe the circle and it looks a bit better than the above SITL mission. Looking down (plan view) it’s almost on the plane. The GPS accuracy will cause some out of plane flight. But mostly a success I would say.

Can you give me the soure of this image? Please
Thank you !

From Mission Planner’s Dataflash Logs tab select the Download Dataflash Log via Mavlink and then the First Person KML button and select a .log file. This file will open in Google Earth.